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Born and raised in nearby Aberdeen, Gary Preble received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University in 1974 and his law degree from University of Puget Sound (now Seattle University School of Law) in 1984. He and his wife have three children, live and attend church in the Olympia area, and are committed to the communities they live and work in.

Mr. Preble’s practice areas include:

  • personal injury
  • family law
  • adoption
  • custody (parental, interstate and non-parent)
  • wills and probate
  • other areas of general practice.

And within these specific areas, he provides experienced legal representation and a concern for the people he serves in the Olympia area and throughout the State of Washington.

Mr. Preble also has an active practice in juvenile court representing parents who have had, or are about to have, their children removed by Child Protective Services in Thurston County and throughout Washington State. This often includes false accusations of child abuse or domestic violence, which can lead to criminal prosecution as well. He also represents others in the juvenile court processes that are having troubles with the CPS.

Mr. Preble also works with legislators to draft laws that protect the liberty of individuals and the integrity of the family. He is currently serving on the Western Washington Advisory Committee for the Family and Children’s Ombudsman, and has previously served on the Rules and Procedures Committee of the Washington State Bar Association. He has litigated trials in the Court of Appeals, and has successfully repealed in the Washington Supreme Court.

…Liberty and Justice for All.

His practice of law has created in him a love of liberty as he has seen the dangers of government unrestrained by a citizenry who have forgotten their heritage. He is active politically to the end that liberty and limited government might again be restored to America. In 2000, Mr. Preble wrote the biweekly “On the Right” column for The Olympian . The goal of his writing has been to rekindle in others a love for liberty and a fear of statism—the idea that government should provide for us and control our lives.

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