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Washington State family law attorney Gary A. Preble , has a commitment to his clients and a passion for justice. It is evident in the way that he aggressively fights to protect both of them. In his practice, Mr. Preble represents families, individuals, and all those who have been wronged by the government or others in the State of Washington. He has more than 20 years of legal experience and skills to offer you in a variety of practice areas.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been seriously injured in an auto accident or you are having to deal with Child Protective Services—you need an attorney who can be an aggressive advocate for your interests and a fierce protector of your rights in court.

A Commitment to Clients, A Passion for Justice…
You Deserve to Have Both of Them.

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  • Mr. Preble represented me in a family law matter and the appeal of same. We won our appeal and the outcome of the Superior Court Case was in my favor. He is very busy with Court and sometimes cannot be reached right away, but he always returned my phone calls. His associate attorneys and staff is very helpful and knowledgeable also. I would use Gary Preble for any further legal needs and recommend him to my friends and family.


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© Preble Law 2017. All rights reserved.